At Buengo we strongly believe in the power of creating Campaigns in order to raise funds for your cause. Identifying a project and limiting it in time and space helps supporters understand exactly where the money will be destined to. 

So whether you are part of a non-profit or are looking to raise funds for a personal cause, you need to launch a Campaign. This way sellers can choose your cause to donate the money from their sales, and you will also be able to receive direct donations from donors. 

Depending on whether you want to support a non-profit or have a personal cause you can set up two different types of Campaigns on Buengo:

Organisation Campaigns
Those created on behalf of an non-profit organisation are usually created by members of the Organisation or regular fundraisers. However any Buengo user is able to set up a Campaign to support a registered cause. 

Simply select "For the benefit of an Organisation" when you create a Campaign and select your favourite one from the list. 

In those cases, the Organisation Manager will need to approve your Campaign before it's being published on Buengo. In case the Campaign is not approved, you will receive a message from the Manager explaining the reasons and if there is any way you can edit the details in order to be accepted. 

Personal Campaigns
In case you have a personal cause you want to raise money for or you wish to fundraise for a non-profit you're not related to, you can create a Personal Campaign. In this case, as a Campaign Champion, you will be collecting the funds personally and, if it applies, donate the money to a cause of your choice.

At the end of the Campaign the funds raised, minus a small platform and transaction fees, will be transferred directly to the Campaign Manager or Organisation.

Need inspiration to do good? Get yourself a copy of the  Campaign Guide to creating a successful Campaign!