To launch a Campaign tap on the (+) button on the Campaigns feed. Any registered user can set up a campaign on Buengo, so make sure you have created an account and are logged in. 

Before creating a Campaign

Make sure you have all the necessary information to hand. At the moment it is not possible to save a Campaign draft, so we recommend having the following data upfront:

- One or more images
- Title & Description

- Start & End date

- Target value

- Category

- Location 

**TIP** If you are unsure of some of the details, you can set a future start date. You will then have the option to edit the data before the launch day.


You can upload upload up to 4 images (landscape) on Buengo to tell a story about your cause. After adding an image, swipe left to add the next one.

Name & Description

Enter a short name (up to 35 characters) for your Campaign and a compelling description to describe what your project is about and how you are going to use the funds raised. 

Bear in mind that once the Campaign is running you won't be able to change those fields.

Start & End date  

Your Campaign timeline is the period when users can buy & sell items on your behalf and make direct donations to your cause. That said, you can create a Campaign in advance. This will make your campaign visible on the app and allow users to upload items ready for the launch.

Once the Campaign is running you will still be able to edit the End Date (to a maximum of 3 months after the start date).

Target & Raised Offline

Tap on "Target" and choose the amount you aim to raise through Buengo. Use "Raised Offline" to enter any other funds you have raised for the project via other means. You will be able to edit the amount raised offline throughout the whole Campaign.


Tap on Category to select the category that best describes your cause. We know that sometimes more than one category may apply and are working on allowing multiple selection. We'll let you know when this happens.


Although we are currently operating in the UK, you can always support and raise money for causes that help people in places all over the world.

That said, for legal reasons we require that the Campaign and the entity receiving the funds (Organisation or Personal Campaign Champion) are located in the same country

That means that if you (or the Organisation) are based in the UK, you must select a Campaign location in the UK, even if you're aiming to raise funds to help projects in other parts of the world.

Organisation Campaigns
If you are launching a Campaign on behalf of a registered Organisation on Buengo, please select "For the benefit of an Organisation" and tap on "Select Organisation" to access the list of registered entities.

To narrow down the results by category or distance, or if you already know what organisation you are looking for, you can tap on the slider icon to access the filtering options, or tap on the magnifying glass to open the search bar.

When you find an organisation you like, tap on the tick icon to select that organisation. If you want to find more information on any of the organisations listed, tap on the listing to see more details. 

Remember that unless you are the Organisation Manager, the Organisation will need to approve the Campaign before being published on Buengo. If you have issues getting your campaign approved by the Organisation Manager please contact us and we will take it from there.

Launching your Campaign
When you have entered all the details tap on "Continue". You will be taken to a confirmation screen where you can check Buengo and Stripe's Terms of Service before launching your Campaign.

Remember that once you launch a Campaign on Buengo you will only be able to edit the Images, End Date, Raised Offline amount, Website and Facebook Page links. This is to ensure Campaigns are always transparent about where the money raised is going. 

Receiving the funds
At the end of the Campaign the funds raised, minus a small platform fee and transaction fees, will be transferred directly to the Campaign Manager or Organisation. Before that, we will contact you in order to make sure we have all the necessary information such as Bank Account and ID.

Need inspiration creating your first Campaign?
Check our Campaign Guide for useful tips on how to create a successful fundraising campaign on Buengo!