Automatic location
When you first open the app, a message will pop up asking you to allow Buengo to access your location. This allows us to customise the content for you when you are browsing or looking for items, as well as letting buyers know the distance that separates them from your items. (Don't worry we will never show your exact location to other users).

Manual location

If you chose to enable automatic location but you would prefer to browse from a different address (because you are travelling, or in a different place from where you usually use Buengo from), you can do that in settings.  

Personal Address

You can also set a personal address on your profile so that all your items and campaigns you create will have that location by default. To edit your personal address, tap on the pencil icon on top of your profile picture on your profile screen.

Tap on Address and enter your location as detailed as you want. You must provide at least your country and a postcode if you want to be able to sell items.

If you wish to
Launch a Campaign or Create an Organisation we will need to have your complete address so that we can verify your account and transfer the collected funds.