Buengo is free to download and start using! When you start raising money through Buengo there are some platform and transaction fees:

Buengo charges the Campaign organisers a flat fee of 5% of the total amount raised through product sales, but takes no fees from direct donations made to a Campaign. This covers the cost of what goes on behind the scenes: development of Buengo, continual support for all Buengo users, operational costs and overheads. We want Buengo to help people do as much good as possible and we can only do that if we manage to grow.  

In addition, our payment service provider, Stripe, charges a fee to enable us to process payments from Buyers and Donors, keep everyone’s money in separate accounts and send the funds raised to the Cause at the end of the Campaign. 

The fees are as follows: 

  • To take payments from Buyers paying with UK & European Credit Cards: 1.4% of the amount paid plus 20p per transaction. For Non-European Credit Cards the amount is 2.9% plus 20p per transaction. 
  • To send the funds raised to the Cause: 0.5% of the amount raised.

When you buy an item you can see the transaction fees in detail before the payment goes through, so you can see exactly where they go.